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Vabotu is an award winning team collaboration and online messaging app designed to help everyone work better.

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Work. In harmony.

Vabotu helps you be more productive with a set of collaboration tools designed to get things done efficiently, beautifully and on time.

Vabotu team messaging tool

Team Messaging 

Vabotu task boards tool

Task Boards 

online team collaboration tool

Project Collaboration 

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Effortlessly more productive with…

Instant Messaging 

Create group conversations in public or private workspaces. Make an online workspace for clients, projects, teams, departments or just about anything you want. This is where you instant message team members about the important stuff. And, well, the not-so-important stuff too.

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Tasks & To-Dos

Track all your assigned tasks online and instantly see who’s working on what. Here, you can assign to and collaborate with team members and set due dates, as well as color coordinate tasks to keep you, well, on task.

team collaboration with Vabotu

Project Collaboration

Share files across workspaces or direct messages and add visual comments for real time team collaboration.

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Visual Task Management

Project management is a special skill. So, we created a special online team collaboration tool. Track, organize and prioritize projects in a simple, streamlined layout.

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Project Collaboration Tool

Media Hub 

The spot for all your shared files across workspaces. Each workspace, public or private, has its own media library for quick access to what you’re looking for.

Collaboration Tool

Simplify the feedback process by adding comments directly to designs. All the projects, all their feedback, all in one convenient place.

online team collaboration

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