Cross-disciplinary communication made simple with Vabotu’s visual collaboration

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Cross-team communication can be a challenge. Advertising agencies and design studios have a unique internal dynamic that not many others businesses experience. If you work in a typical professional business, for example, let’s say an accounting firm, most everyone around you will be an accounting professional and then perhaps some administrative and business services staff to round out the operation. … Read More

The importance of clarity in communication – Vabotu makes it easier than ever before

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We live in the era of communication. You can travel the world and communicate instantly with family, friends, and colleagues back home. Internet connectivity across the world has improved, (almost)every cafe these days has wifi and the abilities of our technology, as well as our range of options, are increasing by the day. So why are we still struggling to … Read More

Vabotu helps you create highly effective teams

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We are more connected than ever, yet, with so many communication tools permeating our lives and our work, it seems like we are becoming less and less effective at communicating. We feel busy just from the thought of everything we have to remember to keep on top of. Businesses are regularly adding new systems, one more thing for staff to … Read More

Creating a Culture of Collaboration with Vabotu

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Teamwork is the cornerstone of every successful business. Particularly if you’re in the design or creative industries, delivering work for clients; there is usually more than one cog to make up the wheel. Even if you are a sole trader, it is impossible to avoid working with other people. Whether your “team” is you and a client, or you have … Read More

Sleep your way to increased productivity

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The stats on naps – sleep your way to increased productivity Naps are on trend. What would have once been looked at as an activity for slackers, has now gone mainstream; with companies like Uber, Samsung, JetBlue, Google, and Cisco all installing nap pods. This trend has even leaked over into the consulting industry with the likes of PwC and … Read More

Coordinating the Chaos: Vabotu to the Rescue

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Getting on the same page with work teams may have been difficult in the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Vabotu has revolutionized how design teams, clients, departments, project managers, and freelancers talk to each other—and talk to each other in productive and useful ways. On one single platform, Vabotu coordinates the chaos by synching freelancers … Read More

Getting started: Your first week in Vabotu

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Vabotu, the collaborative app that allows design teams to master work flow and complete projects on time, is one way to add transparency, productivity, and creativity back into your (virtual) office. But what might it look like when you’re starting out to use this new program? Just like how allocating money into a savings account, eating your vegetables, and drinking … Read More

Introducing vabotu: Collaborate, comment, share and find everything in one place

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Welcome to Vabotu. A new collaboration app built for design teams – that’s designed to help everyone work better. With Vabotu, you get everything in one place – instant messaging, task boards and design feedback, all in a simple, easy-to-use layout – so your team doesn’t miss a beat. Team Messaging Group conversations are organized in workspaces, which you can … Read More

How to create a Public or Private Workspace

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Group conversations are organized in workspaces, which you can make public or private. Create a workspace for clients, projects, departments…or just about anything you want. To create a public or private workspace, simply click the + button as shown below. You may toggle the private/public switch to create a private or public workspace. Once created, the workspace will appear in … Read More