How to Plan and Prioritize Your Product Roadmap in Vabotu

In this day and age, you can’t just have a great product. You need to have a vision. We’re inundated with offerings of all kinds. Some of them are fleeting, good only for the current needs. Others are made for long term. Most of them don’t know who they’re serving, or how they’ll adapt as the needs of the market … Read More

A Guide to Agency Project Management

Without proper organization, agencies (advertising or other) can’t accomplish half of their goals. And while a lot can be done with accurate prioritization, there’s nothing like agency project management to do the trick and help an agency accomplish everything they’ve set out to do. In this post, we’re going to discuss the best agency project management tools and practices. It’s … Read More

Vabotu is Killing Email

Email has seen many evolutions since the first electronic message was sent in 1965 and since Ray Tomlinson introduced the @ symbol as a way to direct messages to a specific user in 1971. Gradually, emails moved from the domain of researchers and academics to widespread acceptance as internet accessibility grew. Clunky AOL and Yahoo accounts gave way to innovations … Read More

A Brief History of Project Management

Today, project management is everywhere. Software team leads are moonlighting as project managers (even if it’s not in their job descriptions). Department heads have to know the ins and outs of the software they use to communicate with top management, clients and employees. Simultaneously. Marketing agency managers are handling every campaign like a project. And all of this is due … Read More

What Is Kanban?

When a team needs an efficient way to organize their work, they look to Kanban. A method frequently used in project management, Kanban is an easy way of organizing entire teams around projects by breaking it down into tasks. And while the name itself sounds strange, the method is anything but. In this post, we’ll review everything there is to … Read More

Coming Soon: New Features to Bring Efficiency and Harmony to Teams

Great work takes great teams and here at Vabotu, we’re committed to supporting them with our collaboration tool. With the future of the work being increasingly remote, we’ve paid special attention to our remote teams. We admire the way they make magic even if they’re thousands of miles apart. We respect that excellence and we want to see it on … Read More

Why Project Management Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Project management is everywhere. It is no longer reserved only for professional project managers Instead, tech team leads find themselves filling those shoes, and so do other team managers. Everyone’s a project manager today, but project management itself is flawed. In this article, we’ll explain what the main problems with today’s project management are, and how to fix them. Let’s … Read More

The Kanban Board: Application Ideas for all Industries

Folks who adore kanban boards can address their thank-you notes to a Japanese manufacturing plant. That’s where the kanban system was born. Inside of plants, kanban cards serve as visual and descriptive depictions of parts and processes. A type of component might be represented by a kanban card, and on it would be text describing the part, a photo of … Read More

Jira Alternative for Efficient Task Management and Collaboration

Our performance depends on the way we manage tasks and projects. And even though you can have all the right people and all the right goals, you need tools to support you. Atlassian’s Jira has been the go-to project management tool for numerous agile companies. However, there are new players on the market. Vabotu is the first tool to combine … Read More