Product Workflow

With Vabotu, you can map out critical steps from design to launch so everyone has clarity on the roadmap. I have the Vabotu Mac App open and this is how we recommend setting up your Mobile App Workflow: Start by creating these columns: Research, Features & Product Direction User Experience Design, User Interface Design Interactive Prototyping Development Quality Assurance Know … Read More

Benefits of Using Vabotu

With Vabotu get clear and instant visibility on conversations, people and work. Transform unclear timelines and missed deadlines  in to beautiful visual trackable team insights and get more done in less time. If you don’t know what you’re responsible for and  your work is buried under piles of emails and spreadsheets, try Vabotu today and see what it means to … Read More

Less meetings increases efficiency

Unnecessary meetings are ineffective and waste valuable time and money. The answer isn’t more working hours, it’s less wasted time. At the end of the day, this is about less wasted time, not more and longer working hours. With Vabotu it’s easy to check in with someone by sending them a direct message. Here you can instantly collaborate on projects … Read More

Find what you need and get things done faster

With Vabotu you will be able to bring all the right people, information and tasks so you can find what you need and get things done faster. So how does this work? Start by creating a workspace and invite all the right people to it. Now you will have all your conversations, tasks and files shared organized. With powerful search … Read More

Ditch Email, It’s time to try Vabotu

Many companies are still using e-mail as their primary means of communication. As companies grow and teams work remotely it becomes critical to maximize efficiency, clarity and bring a sense of harmony to our day to day collaboration. With Vabotu, you can create 1 or multiple private or public workspaces that you can invite your team to. Here, your team … Read More

Inviting people to your company in Vabotu

To invite people to your company in Vabotu follow these step: 1. Click the invite people button found at the bottom left hand corner of the Vabotu interface: 2. Input one ore more email addresses. After you’ve inputed an e-mail addresses, tap return. 3. Select the Workspaces to which you’re inviting these people. 4. Click Send and you’re all done!

How to create a company in Vabotu

To create a company in Vabotu, follow these steps: 1. Visit and click the Start Free Trial Button: 2. Click the Start Free Trial Button 3. Input your E-mail Address 4. Input your 5-digit confirmation code. Check your e-mail for this. If you have not received an e-mail within 2-min, check your spam/junk-mail inbox 5. Fill out your First … Read More

Vabotu MVP Sample Task Board Ideas

Here is a sample task board idea layout for designing an MVP product in Vabotu. This is a basic structure that Creative27, a multi-award winning app design and development shop in Los Angeles recommends. Six columns to create task boards: • Features we want to build • In Process • Ready for Design • Ready to be Developed • Quality … Read More

Introducing Boards

The boards section allows you to organize tasks like sticky notes. To put this into perspective, let’s say we’re working on a mobile app project. To get started, create a column by inputting a column label. Since we’re working on a mobile app, we’ll label this column “Features we want to build” Now, this column we’ve just created holds all … Read More