New: View documents directly in Vabotu

Today, we are excited to announce that you will be able to open the following document types in Vabotu Web, Mac app, Windows app and mobile app: • Microsoft Excel • MicrosoftWord • Adobe PDF’s and Rich Text Format documents Vabotu helps remote teams work more efficiently with a set of tools designed to improve team messaging, project management and … Read More

New: Create new column from any column menu

Today we’re introducing a nifty little feature: create a new column directly from a column’s menu. This is extremely useful when you have many columns in a board as it will help you create columns faster and in turn you’ll be more efficient.

New: Reply and add Reactions to Task-Comments

We are excited to announce that today you can Reply and Add Reactions to comments in Tasks. This saves you time and helps you improves efficiency as you collaborate on projects with your team. To Reply to a comment in a task follow these steps: 1. Open the Task 2. Hover over the comment you want to reply to and … Read More

New: Google Drive and Dropbox Integrations

We are excited to announce that today you can easily add, share and attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive via Vabotu. This works across messaging, tasks, sub-tasks and task-comments. To attach a file from Dropbox or Google Drive, follow these steps: 1. Click the + button in the messaging section and select Dropbox or Google Drive 2. Input your … Read More

New: Media Gallery

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new look for the media gallery. Now it is easier than ever to see at a glance which images you are viewing and which files have attachments on them. This beautiful gallery view is present across all media upload and view modules in messaging, task-boards and media hub sections of Vabotu.

New: Attach files from Media Hub & New Media Hub Look

Today we’re thrilled to announce that you can now add files directly from media hub to your messages. Just hover over the plus + icon and select Shared Files. Our media hub also has a brand new look and a search feature:

New: Added new, beautiful and extremely useful reactions

We’ve put a lot of thought into these new beautiful reactions. Need to say quickly yes to something, there’s a reaction for that. Want to congratulate someone on doing Good work, there’s a reaction for that to. To add reactions to messages, hover over the reaction icon and select the reaction(s) you want to add to your message:  

New: In-Messaging My Tasks and Shared Files

Today we’re introducing something big: Within your messaging Info pane, you can now see all of your assigned tasks and recently shared files. Furthermore, whenever you have a new notification on a task, that task will push to the top of the list so you can always be on top of things. Note: You may, at any point, collapse and … Read More

New: Add images with comments to subtasks for easy collaboration

Today, we’re super thrilled to announce that in Vabotu when you create task and add sub-tasks to it, you can add images to your sub-tasks with comments. This new feature takes project collaboration and feedback to new heights. How does it work: Create a new task, open it and click the + icon to add a new subtask Input your … Read More

Show Tasks assigned to me, & Filter by tasks assigned to Member(s) new feature

Today we’re excited to introduce a brand new feature, advanced filtering by member and my tasks. When in the task-boards section of Vabotu, if you only want to see the tasks that are assigned to you, simply click the My Tasks button: To filter the task-boards by  tasks assigned to 1 or more members, click the filter button and select … Read More