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Using Vabotu

Getting started with vabotu
The vabotu interface – Collaboration

What is a company?

Creating a company
Inviting members to a company
Removing Members from a company

What are workspaces?
What is My Workspace?
Creating Public workspace
Creating a Private workspace
Deleting a workspace
Editing workspace settings
Leaving a workspace
Preferred Workspaces
Filtering through workspaces
Inviting others to a workspace
Removing members from a workspace

Writing a message
Editing your message
Deleting a message
Formatting your message
Adding Emojis
Adding files to a message
Searching through messages
Filtering through messages
Mentioning members in your message
Messaging keyboard shortcuts


What is Vabotu?
Vabotu is a team messaging and collaboration app built for teams – that’s designed to help everyone work better. With Vabotu, you get everything in one place – instant messaging, task boards and design feedback, all in a simple, easy-to-use layout – so your team doesn’t miss a beat.

Is there a free version of vabotu?
Once you sign up, Vabotu comes with all the great features like team messaging, task boards and project collaboration free for 15 days. There is not free tier for vabotu. To learn more about the features included, visit the Pricing page.

What features does Vabotu offer?
With Vabotu, you get everything in one place – instant messaging, task boards and design feedback, all in a simple, easy-to-use layout – so your team doesn’t miss a beat.

Group conversations are organized in workspaces, which you can make public or private. Create a workspace for clients, projects, departments…or just about anything you want. In each workspace, you can create tasks right in your message window, assign team members, set due dates, set task labels and keep track of to dos.

Team Messaging

Say you want a high-level view of everything that’s going on. Simply go to your Task Boards. They show all your ToDos across workspaces, making it easy to organize, edit, prioritize and add new tasks.

Task Boards

When it comes to giving or receiving feedback, Vabotu makes a usually complicated process surprisingly simple. All you do is add comments directly to a shared file. Just like that you have clear, real-time collaboration.
At Vabotu, we know the importance of keeping a team in-sync. Because odds are deadlines aren’t moving. So regardless of where team members are, Vabotu brings everyone together to keep everything moving forward.

Project Collaboration

Vabotu: Collaborate, comment, share and find everything in one place. It’s Work. In Harmony.

Why Should my team use Vabotu?
Vabotu aims to help your team work in harmony. You are probably using a number of tools to help you get more done. Tools like slack, trello and invision.

We’ve designed Vabotu to increase efficiency and streamline the collaboration process by providing you the tools you need to get more done. With team messaging, task boards, and design feedback, all integrated into one easy to use app.

How do I get started in Vabotu?
To get stared in Vabotu, create a company by visiting this link.

Next, create workspaces. Group conversations are organized in workspaces. Which you can make public or private. Here is a short video that shows you how to create a workspace:

Once you’ve created a workspace, it is time to invite others to your company and workspaces so you can start collaborating. Here’s a short video that shows how to invite people to your company and workspace(s) in Vabotu:

What devices is Vabotu available on?
Vabotu is now available as a Mac app and Web app. The Mac app may be downloaded from the Mac app-store. The web app may be accessed via any web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera etc) across Mac and PC. We are now working on bringing Vabotu to mobile across iOS and Android.

What browsers are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

What operating systems are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Mac, PC & iPad via the web browser. We are working on introducing a native Vabotu mobile app across iOS and Android.

Using Vabotu

Getting Started with Vabotu?
To get started with Vabotu, you’ll first need to create a company here.

Next, create a workspace and invite people so you can start collaborating. Here’s a video that shows you how to create a workspace:

Inviting people to a workspace is extremely easy, watch this short video to get you started:

That is all you need to get started. There is much more you can do with vabotu like share images and collaborate, create tasks and organize your media all in one place. Feel free to explore vabotu and if you have any questions, e-mail us at support@vabotu.com

The Vabotu Interface – Collaboration
The top nav

Hosts your company name and logo in the top left hand corner. From here you may switch companies, if you are signed in with multiple companies. You can create a new company or sign in to an additional company. When you sign in to additional companies, they will appear here in this dropdown menu & you may toggle between the companies.

To the right, we have The collaboration tab, this is the tab we are currently in. The collaboration tab hosts your team messaging. The next tab over is the boards which houses all of your tasks across workspaces. The Media tab is a hub for all your shared files across workspaces.

On the top right hand corner we have notifications, settings and account information.

Workspaces & People menu
From the top we have the hide/show menu icon. To the right of this we have the filter workspaces input box. Simply start inputing text for active search to filter all the workspaces and people underneath.

My Workspace
We’ve designed My Workspace is a private space for you, to help you unwind. Everything you post here is private and visible only to you. Use this workspace to post notes, reminders, inspirational quotes, tasks, your daily calendar, todo’s or anything else you can think of.

Below you’ll see 4 categories where your workspaces are hosted in including:
• Preferred
• Public
• Private
• People

You may collapse or expand these.

Preferred Workspaces

Think of preferred workspace a a favorite folder of all the workspaces. To add a workspace to your preferred workspaces, simply click the heart icon in the to messaging menu bar.

Public Workspaces

Public workspaces are well public, meaning any member of your company may search for them and join them. They do not require an invite.

Private Workspaces

In private Workspaces, everything you post here is private and only visible to members of this workspace.


The people section hosts members of your company that you may send messages to.

Invite People Button

The last button on this area is the Invite people. Clicking this button will bring up a modal that will allow you to invite new users to your created company in vabotu and to your created workspace.

Main Messaging Area – Top Bar

The top bar of the messaging area hosts the global menu options for this section. Start from the left, we have the name of the workspace and an icon showing if it is a public or private. To the right of this we have a menu containing the search, filter, members, favorite and more options.

Main Messaging Area – Search

If you are looking for a specific message, simply type in what you remember of that message in the search field and the messages underneath will filter the messages accordingly.

Main Messaging Area – Filter

The filter option allows you to filter messages by member or date.

Main Messaging Area – Members

The members option allows you to invite new users to your company or workspace or add exiting members of your company to your private workspace.

Preferred Workspaces

The preferred workspaces icon allows you to add the current workspace to your preferred workspaces list. Simply click the heart icon and your workspaces will be added to this list.

More Menu

The more menu allows you to:
• Convert a workspace to public/private
• Leave this workspace
• Edit workspace settings
• Delete this workspace

Messaging Input Box

The messaging input box allows you to type and format your messages, add emojis and much more. You can add links to a word, bold or italicize text and add images along with your messages.

To add emojis to your message, click the emoji icon. The emoji panel has several emoji categories that you may cycle through.

To add an image or task to your message, just click the plus icon. To format your text click the “A” icon. From here you may bold, italicize or add a link to your text. To bold, italicize or insert a link to a word, highlight/select the word, click the “A” icon and choose the desired formatting.

Posted Messages Area
The messages are nested inside dates. For the current day, you will see all your messages are nested under a tab called today.You can click this tab to expand/collapse your messages for that day.
On the left, you’ll see a circle with the picture profile or with the first letter of the first and last name for that user. You may click this circle to see more info about this user.

To the right of the posted message there are several icons. We have the edit icon which allows you to edit a message that you posted. You can only edit your message here. Next we have the Trash icon which will allow you to delete your message.

About Sidebar
The right sidebar may be toggled open or closed by clicking the info button. At the top we have the about this workspace info which may be edited. All of the sections in this sidebar may be toggled open or closed by clicking on the header tittle for each section.

Members Area
Under about we have the members area. Here you will see a list of all the members that are part of this particular workspace. You may add additional members of your company to this workspace by tapping the plus icon.

Please note that you may not add new users that are not part of your company here. You first have to invite people to be part of your company and then add them to this workspace via this menu.