$12.99/mo Unlimited Users

Whether you are solo or a big team with 100s of users, you only pay $12.99/mo for unlimited users.

No credit card required

*Price available for next 500 created companies. Price will increase to $29.99 thereafter.

Plan includes:

Team Messaging

   Unlimited searchable message archives & search for relevant people, workspaces and files

   Multi-workspace  and Single-workspace Guest Access

   Mandatory Two-factor authentication

   Private and Public Workspaces

   Compliance Exports of all messages

Task Boards

   Unlimited Task Boards, cards, tasks, checklists, commenting, members & attachments

   Attach files up to 30MB/document or 50MB/video, up to 100GB total

   Brand your boards with custom backgrounds

   Assign tasks and comments to members


   Unlimited Design Feedback

   Assign feedback to team members

   Easily Label Progress

Other Benefits

   100GB file storage per company (upgradable to 200GB, 500GB or 1TB)

   Mac and Windows apps available. iOS and Android coming April 2019. Available on the Web and supporting: Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

   128 bit SSL encryption

   99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA

   Daily Backups

   Priority Support (2 hours average response time)

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Save hundreds $$$ with Vabotu and get more

Most teams use 3-5 tools to manage their projects.
And so the cost of running a business adds up fast.


What is Vabotu?
Vabotu is a team messaging and collaboration app built for teams – that’s designed to help everyone work better. With Vabotu, you get everything in one place – instant messaging, task boards and design feedback, all in a simple, easy-to-use layout – so your team doesn’t miss a beat.

Is there a free version of vabotu?
Once you sign up, Vabotu comes with all the great features like team messaging, task boards and project collaboration free for 14 days. There is not free tier for vabotu. To learn more about the features included, visit the Pricing page.

What features does Vabotu offer?
With Vabotu, you get everything in one place – instant messaging, task boards and design feedback, all in a simple, easy-to-use layout – so your team doesn’t miss a beat.

Group conversations are organized in workspaces, which you can make public or private. Create a workspace for clients, projects, departments…or just about anything you want. In each workspace, you can create tasks right in your message window, assign team members, set due dates, set task labels and keep track of to dos.

vabotu team messaging

Team Messaging

Say you want a high-level view of everything that’s going on. Simply go to your Task Boards. They show all your ToDos across workspaces, making it easy to organize, edit, prioritize and add new tasks.

vabotu task boards

Task Boards

When it comes to giving or receiving feedback, Vabotu makes a usually complicated process surprisingly simple. All you do is add comments directly to a shared file. Just like that you have clear, real-time collaboration.
At Vabotu, we know the importance of keeping a team in-sync. Because odds are deadlines aren’t moving. So regardless of where team members are, Vabotu brings everyone together to keep everything moving forward.

vabotu project collaboration

Project Collaboration

Vabotu: Collaborate, comment, share and find everything in one place. It’s Work. In Harmony.

Why Should my team use Vabotu?
Vabotu is designed to improve efficiency by 40%, reduce costs by 80% and save more than 50% in time by doing things faster.

Problem: Design teams waste efficiency, lose time & pay high subscription prices while using several tools to collaborate.

Using several tools wastes 40% in efficiency
Nowadays agencies use several tools like Slack, Trello, Asana and GoToMeeting among others to successfully collaborate and in turn waste efficiency.

Switching between tools causes 
50% loss in productivity
By switching between these tools, teams loose focus and in turn productivity is reduced.

High subscription cost to lean teams/individuals
Subscription prices are high as more tools are needed to get the job done.

We’ve designed Vabotu to increase efficiency and streamline the collaboration process by providing you the tools you need to get more done. With team messaging, task boards, and design feedback, all integrated into one easy to use app.

How do I get started in Vabotu?
To get stared in Vabotu, create a company by visiting this link.
vabotu sign in
Next, create workspaces. Group conversations are organized in workspaces. Which you can make public or private. Here is a short video that shows you how to create a workspace:

Once you’ve created a workspace, it is time to invite others to your company and workspaces so you can start collaborating. Here’s a short video that shows how to invite people to your company and workspace(s) in Vabotu:

What devices is Vabotu available on?
Vabotu is now available as a Mac and Windows apps and Web app. The Mac app may be downloaded here and the Windows app may be downloaded here. The web app may be accessed via these web browsers: Safari, Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox, across Mac and PC. We are now working on bringing Vabotu to mobile, as native applications across iOS and Android.

What browsers are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

browser supported by vabotu

What operating systems are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Mac, PC operating systems. We are working on introducing a native Vabotu mobile app across iOS and Android.
vabotu supports these os